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Huck Finn Discussion Questions 1. Look at page 159, what does Huck say about clothes? 2. How do the duke and the king find out about Peter Wilks? What is their plan with him? 3. On page 184, in the middle of chapter 27, how does Huck feel about the duke and the king’s behavior? Try to be specific. What does this say about Huck’s development? 4. When Huck talks to Mary Jane at the beginning of chapter 28, what does he decide about the difference between the truth and lies? 5. What is Huck’s plan with Mary Jane? 6. How do they discover the duke and the king are frauds in Chapter 29? 7. What happens at the end of Chapter 29? How does Huck feel about it? 8. What are some of the schemes that the Duke and the King pull in chapter 31? 9. What is Huck worrying about in chapter 31? What dilemma does he worry about with Jim? 10. What does Huck do that makes him feel, “good and all washed clean of sin for the first time” in his life? 11. What are some of the things that Jim does that make Huck feel good about him?
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Huck_discussion_questions_part_3_2010[1] - Huck Finn...

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