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Hotseat_activity - 6 Your biggest influences 7 Your...

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Name ______________________ Hotseat Activity In a group of 3 or 4 students, you will be assigned a character for this text/unit that one of you will become in the hotseat. It is important that all members of the group agree on the following information about the character, so that any one of you could go to the hotseat and answer questions from the class. If the required information is not in the story, you will have to “infer” or make an educated guess. 1. Novel/Work_________________________ 2. My Character________________________ 3. My Character’s age____________________ 1. Your physical appearance (page #s if applicable) 2. Your house, city/area, favorite place: 3. Your passions, “soap box topics,” deepest desires (which may not be mentioned in the text): 4. Your main goal: 5. Your biggest obstacles and problems:
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Your biggest influences: 7. Your greatest strengths: 8. Your greatest weaknesses: 9. What one or two words best describe you? Give examples of details or events from the text that demonstrate these traits: 10. List quotations from the text that reveal most clearly who you are and what you are about: 11. Prepare an opening monologue to introduce yourself to the audience: The Actual Hotseating: Members of your group not being Hotseated will get to ask the first two questions. What will these questions be? How will your character respond? How do you know that these responses are good ones? 1. Question: Answer: 2. Question: Answer: Generate a list of questions for the other characters in the hotseat: You should come up with at least two questions for each of the characters....
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Hotseat_activity - 6 Your biggest influences 7 Your...

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