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diagnostic literary bioWEB - It will also give me an idea...

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American Literature and Composition Mr. Weber Diagnostic Journal: Literary Biography Due: Friday, 8/20 Assignment: Describe the significant events in your life that represent how you think of yourself as a reader and writer. Explain what about these event(s): 1) Made you a stronger and more confident writer and reader OR 2) Made you a (if applicable) more timid reader and writer, AND/OR 3) Shaped your attitude about reading and writing. Be as descriptive as possible. Draw a conclusion about your experiences and how they may affect your participation in a writing course. Purpose: This assignment allows you the opportunity to reflect upon your history as a writer and a reader.
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Unformatted text preview: It will also give me an idea of 1) your writing ability and 2) “where you are coming from” as a student in my class. Evaluation: This paper will not be given a letter grade, but it is a mandatory assignment. The more I know about your abilities as a writer, the better I can direct the course to fit your needs, concerns and abilities. Use MLA formatting. About organization: This assignment is open-ended. Organize it however you want. But, be sure to include an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph that present and sum up your overall ideas....
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