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Additional Tips The Catcher in the Rye Essay Assignment 1. Read the novel, carefully following thematic motifs, characters, and setting descriptions. 2. Read over essay topics, and hone in on one that interests you. 3. Read back through journal entries and discussion notes pertaining to your topic— TAKE NOTES on quotations and ideas that seem relevant to your topic. 4. Reading over your notes, determine a thesis statement. Take care in constructing your thesis to make sure that it is insightful, addresses the topic, and takes on an appropriate scope (not too broad or too narrow). 5. Ask yourself what the burdens of your thesis are: what must you discuss in order to prove your thesis? This will become your rough outline. 6. Line up quotations to support each point on your rough outline (2-3 quotes per point is probably appropriate). Make sure your quotations are not too long. 7. Write a sentence for each quotation describing its context…this will help you lead into your quotations smoothly. 8. Write a sentence that explains quote’s significance. 9.
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Catcher_Paper_Tips_and_Sample Paragraphs - Additional Tips...

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