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Catcher_in_the_Rye_Small_Group_Discussion_1-7 - Catcher in...

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Catcher in the Rye Small group discussion (Ch. 1-7) Setting 1. Where is Holden at the beginning of the novel? Is he being vague? Find quotations. 2. How do Holden’s attitudes come across in his description of Pencey? Use specific quotations to support your ideas. 3. What are Holden’s attitudes about the other schools he’s been to? Find quotations. 4. How does Holden describe Mr. Spencer’s house/room? Find quotations. 5. How does Holden describe the lagoon in Central Park? Why do you think he thinks about the ducks? 6. What is Holden’s dorm like? Find quotations. Holden’s Character 1. What are some of Holden’s opinions about teachers and other grown ups? Find quotations to support ideas. 2. What are the books/authors Holden likes? Find quotations and discuss what this tells us about him. 3. What happened with the fencing trip? How does he get the hat? Is there anything that Holden isn’t telling us? 4.
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