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Unformatted text preview: These are training wheels. You do not (should not) need to follow this to the letter. The best essays do this implicitly, and do not follow a format blindly. Heading: Name, Due Date, Class, Teacher Title: indicates focus, is creative, unique; same font and format as rest of essay, centered Introduction Attention grabber: Position statement: a strong stance toward the theme or topic; generalized view of the situation Generalized commentary about the novel/play/literary work the big picture & why it matters Question or quotation (these are most prone to being clichd and/or boring) Personal anecdote (make sure its relevant and dont get overly sentimental or cute) Creative descriptionlike the anecdote, but its your own invention Introduction of literary work and author (book/play/major work titles in italics; chapter titles, poems, articles in quotes) Transition/ lead-in to thesis Thesis: must specify the position you are taking toward the topic and indicate how you will prove that...
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