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Tuesday, 1/11: Reminder: Lit Circle #2, on reading p39-61 due Block Day. Thin Red Line permission slip due Friday. Done in class: Listen to the comments from the commentary by the American soldiers in Iraq by following the directions below. You should take notes during the interviews in order to address these questions in your journal: THESE ARE PROMPTS. You DO NOT have to answer all of them. Try to create a coherent response based on these questions. How is/was the experience of Tim O’Brien similar to that of soldiers in Iraq? How was it different? Consider: the things they carried with them, their experiences in combat, their attitudes toward the enemy, their attitudes toward other soldiers, their attitudes toward those on the home front, and their attitude toward war in general. How does the soldier in Iraq respond to fear? You might also consider whether or not what you know about O’Brien’s experience AND that of this soldier in Iraq has changed your attitude towards war.
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Unformatted text preview: Does it make you more or less supportive of any war in general, and the war in Iraq or Afghanistan in particular? Other connections? TO LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW: Home option: You’ll need to click on this link . Then, click on the icon “Full Episode.” You only need to listen to 15 minutes of the piece (set the player to begin 41:30 minutes into the program by dragging the arrow in the player and listen to 56:30). Alternatively, you can find this story by going to the website: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/ , click on the stories from 2005, scroll to 11/18/2005 and find the piece entitled “Strangers in a Strange Land.” (Episode 302) If you have difficulty, please come talk to me (or email) so I can help you. School Option: Go to library and ask to check out the audio piece we listened to. It’s an mp3 file on CD. You can ONLY listen to it in the library on PCs with headphones. You may not check it out....
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