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Weber The Things You Carry Re-read Tim O’Brien’s closing paragraph on page 38 of The Things They Carried. Then write a short essay that discusses the things you carry (physical and intangible) AND how this connects to your past and to who you are and your future. You should refer to the book, but DO NOT summarize what happens. This is a non-fiction essay about you which relates to the novel. Focus on your word choice and the details that allow the reader to hear your unique tone and voice. Your essay must be 1-2 typed pages MAXIMUM, double-spaced, in a readable 12-point font (Times or Times New Roman would be best). I will not accept work that fails to meet MLA guidelines. This assignment is due Tuesday, 1/18 and is a formative grade Guidelines: Did you address the prompt and respond to the ideas it raises? /10 Did your writing include a distinctive word choice, tone, and voice which was consistent and appropriate? /10
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