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The Things They Carried ESSAY PROMPTS

The Things They Carried ESSAY PROMPTS - The Things They...

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The Things They Carried – Final Essay Choose ONE of the following prompts to write an essay of no more than 4 pages—not including Works Cited. Use 12 point font, double spaced, MLA Style, with Works Cited page and parenthetical citations. You must upload your essay to www.turnitin.com and share it with me on Google Docs to receive credit. Remember that you do not have to compose your essay on Google Docs—you can upload your Word (or other document) when it is done. Due: Tuesday, Feb 8, 3:30pm. You will have Writing Lab time on 2-3/4 and 2-7. Essay prompt #1: Having watched The Thin Red Line and read and listened to a variety of war stories, one could argue that war is essentially transcendental in nature. It is a shared experience of horror, tragedy, and perverse/terrifying beauty in a variety of forms throughout history. Write an essay with a thesis which supports this idea by comparing and contrasting the experiences of the courage and the shame of soldiers in World War II, Vietnam, and Iraq. You must use evidence from AT LEAST three
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