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HW for Tues1_18_class plan for block 1_12_13

HW for Tues1_18_class plan for block 1_12_13 - Lit Circle...

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Class Today: Take out your Lit Circle #2 assignment so I can give you credit. 15 minutes: work on your compare/contrast of Iraqi soldiers and those in The Things They Carried . 20 mins: Discuss compare/contrast—partners and whole class 20 mins: Lit Circle discussion—with your group
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Unformatted text preview: Lit Circle ROLE #2 (do the next role in the list: 1 does 2, 2 does 3, etc)– p.39-61 Due Today The Things You Carry short essay—computer lab time. Due Tues, 1/18 Friday, 1/14: The Thin Red Line film permission slips due....
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