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Modernist Presentation

Modernist Presentation - • Your presentation should be...

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Modernism Overview Presentation 1) Read the Modernist Notes Google Doc (shared separately) 2) Research your topic and be prepared to give a brief overview of it and HOW IT RELATES TO MODERNISM on Monday. Use the key individuals as examples to talk about. 1. Who were the key people involved? 2. What happened during the modernist period that changed as a result of these individuals? 3. How was the shift significant? How did the subject (art, science, etc.) change? 4. Why were these changes influential? 5. When and where did these individuals work?
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Unformatted text preview: • Your presentation should be about 5 minutes long. • Create a visual (use Powerpoint or Google Presentation) or audio (iPod or web-based) example of your topic or some other visual to explain it (a diagram/chart for Freud, for example). Visual art (paint, sculpture, etc. Consider Dali, Picasso, Pollock, Miro, etc): Classical ( orchestral: John Cage, Debussy ) music: Architecture ( Wright , van der Rohe and Gropius) : Science ( Einstein ): Psychology ( Freud ): Philosophy ( Nietsche ):...
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