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plan_2_9_and_HWFri_2_11_why chinese_venn_diagram - •...

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Wednesday-Thursday, February 09, 2011 1. Discuss Didion’s “ethic” and compare-contrast to O’Brien 2. Brainstorm stereotypes/traditions of different parenting styles and their backgrounds Though we are aware that we are speaking about this broadly, what generalizations can we make about different parenting styles? BE AWARE of not being culturally insensitive, racist, demeaning in your comments. TRY to be objective in your comments. FOCUS your comments on your OWN experiences. CAUCASIAN AMERICAN/WESTERN EUROPEAN (dominant U.S.) [Dominant Subgroups: British, Irish, German, French, Spanish, Italian] Positive encouragement Go to church, largely Christian values School->college Do your best Family oriented--businesses Treat others well—Golden Rule Accept differences—not the “norm” Ignore negative behaviors Looking for best in children
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Unformatted text preview: • Children given less responsibilities ASIAN [Dominant Subgroups: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian] • More respect to elders, less rebellious • Push academic achievements over extracurriculars • Emphasis on success • Less accepting of other sexualities • Less choice for children • Children taught to be quieter RUSSIAN/EASTERN EUROPEAN • LATINO—CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICAN • Even more family oriented—extended families close to each other • Kids expected to help parents financially and otherwise • Larger families, started younger • Christian morals • More grateful of higher ed opportunities 3. Read “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” When you are finished, create a Venn Diagram of “Chinese” and “American” parenting techniques. Shared American Chinese...
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