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plan Friday_2_11_Brooks_Chua

plan Friday_2_11_Brooks_Chua - furious…” 4 What is the...

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Friday, February 11, 2011 1. Turn in your Venn Diagram 2. Remember to bring to class a book about the American immigrant experience on Monday 3. Return your copy of The Things They Carried “Amy Chua is a Wimp” by David Brooks. Respond to the following on your own piece of paper. 1. List the words in the essay that you don’t understand 2. Write down, in your own words, the thesis of David Brooks’ essay. What’s his main point? 3. What is Brooks describing in paragraph 5 (starts with “The
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Unformatted text preview: furious…”)? 4. What is the irony of Brooks’ response to Chua’s parenting style? 5. What kind of learning does Brooks value? Where does it happen? How and why? 6. Explain the last sentence of the essay in your own words. 7. Lastly, what will you take away from reading the Chua and Brooks articles? What can you learn about your own experience growing up, your parents, and the experiences of people from other cultural backgrounds, like Chua?...
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