Immigrant Interview Assignment

Immigrant Interview Assignment - American Lit &...

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Unformatted text preview: American Lit & Comp Name ____________________________________________Per.______ Immigrant Interview Assignment For this assignment you will interview someone that has immigrated to the United States. First, contact a person and ask if they would be willing to be interviewed. Then set up a time with them to do it. You may do the interview in person, over the internet (chat or email) or on the phone Interview Plan Who are you interviewing and how did you find them? _____________________________ Where are they from and when did they arrive in the U.S.? __________________________ When and where is your interview going to take place? __________________________________ The purpose of the interview is to deepen your understanding of the immigration experience. Hopefully you will get this knowledge through listening to personal stories. Prepare interview questions ahead of time that are specific to the person being interviewed. Leave room for notes based on their answers. It is suggested that you show/give them the questions in advance of the interview so that they can think on their answers....
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Immigrant Interview Assignment - American Lit &...

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