HWFri_2_11_why chinese_venn_diagramPERIOD 6

HWFri_2_11_why chinese_venn_diagramPERIOD 6 -...

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Wednesday-Thursday, February 09, 2011 1. Discuss Didion’s “ethic” and compare-contrast to O’Brien 2. Brainstorm stereotypes/traditions of different parenting styles and their backgrounds Though we are aware that we are speaking about this broadly, what generalizations can we make about different parenting styles? BE AWARE of not being culturally insensitive, racist, demeaning in your comments. TRY to be objective in your comments. FOCUS your comments on your OWN experiences. CAUCASIAN AMERICAN/WESTERN EUROPEAN (dominant U.S.) [Dominant Subgroups: British, Irish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, African- American] Religion? Freedom within guidelines (academics, behavior) Good grades, no drugs/alcohol Earned freedom—strict, had to earn trust Service, ambition, goals Earned trust, “trust box” “sink or swim” Lots of consequences—know your parameters Italian—family focus Religion: strict Morals from religion (Irish Catholic) ASIAN
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HWFri_2_11_why chinese_venn_diagramPERIOD 6 -...

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