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You will make changes to this Reading Log when you are done with the book Create a new document in Google Docs and name the file with your class period, last name, and “reading log” (for example: 5 Weber reading log). IF YOU DO NOT RENAME THE DOCUMENT IN THIS WAY YOU WILL NOT GET CREDIT. o Share the document with me at [email protected] Record the following information on your reading log: o Title o Author o Year published o Number of pages o Date you started reading the book o Page number you are on by 2/19. Below that information answer the following questions thoughtfully: o How did you choose this book? Why? Were you satisfied with your choice? How much effort did you put into finding a book that you would be interested in?
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Unformatted text preview: Did you need more? o What have you learned about the immigrant experience from reading so far? About life? List your 2-3 takeaways. Explain each one with at least a sentence. o What have you learned from this book about writing? List 2-3 things you thought the writer did well that you might want to emulate in your own writing. Explain each one with at least a sentence. o What impact has this book had on your work for this class? i.e., how did it drive your thinking about whatever we’ve been working on/discussing in class? You will be creating an advertising campaign for your book that involves a visual, music and presentation. Be sure that you have chosen a book that you will want to spend time working with…...
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