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SLCC Weber Storyboarding 1) Draw a blank comic strip panel with five boxes in it. Think of a scene from the book you are reading and sketch it out to fit in those five boxes, one critical moment per box. 2) What you've just completed is a story board. This is actually a really great way to plan out a narrative that you want to write. It will help you to think about which moments are critical in the narrative so you don't present every
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Unformatted text preview: single detail of the story. Movie makers use story boards to plan out films--which are essentially a series of critical moments strung together. Your personal narrative should also be a series of critical moments strung together--which ones will you need to tell your story? Now, pick something you've written about in your writer's notebook from your life timeline or your stones in the river and story board it with 5-10 panels....
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