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SLCC: Rubric for the Personal Narrative or College Application Essay 4-5 = solidly meets expectations 3-4 = meets expectations, but something needs work 2-3 = misses something 1 = makes an attempt (80 points) Category Expectations teacher evaluation Ideas and Content *The essay communicates something significant about the writer. *A clear thesis, stated or implied, is present. *The essay is focused; it does not try to accomplish too much. *The essay is rich with details that are explained and supported. *The essay clearly SHOWS rather than tells. Organization *The introduction is inviting, original, and it captures the attention of the reader. In other words, you draw the reader into your writing. *Overall organization is clear/straight-forward. *The conclusion is meaningful and brings the paper to a satisfying conclusion. Voice *The writer demonstrates a clear knowledge of purpose,
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Unformatted text preview: audience, and form for this assignment. (i.e., the voice is appropriate for the task). *The voice is genuine and authentic. It’s YOU. Conventions *Obvious errors should not be distracting. *Polished draft follows MLA format for heading, line spacing, and page numbers. *Paper is approximately 500 words (roughly 2 pages, double spaced, 12 point font). Feedback *There are comments from your group on your paper. *You have left helpful, constructive comments on your group mates’ papers. Due by 11:59 pm on Tuesday, 12 October, shared with me ( [email protected] ) via Google Docs AND submitted to turnitin.com. Be sure to include your self evaluation at the end of the paper: give yourself a score for each category described above (using the 4,.3, 2, 1 scale above) and explain each score. Grade scale 4.5-5 = A 4-4.5 = B 3.5-4 = C 3-3.5 = D...
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