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Dr. Zerwin, SLCC, Fairview High School Position Analysis Assignment An important part of writing an academic argument is understanding the different sides of an issue. A credible and effective writer must analyze and understand the various positions people are already taking on the issue and why they take those positions. This assignment is intended to help you research the different sides of a given issue so that you can formulate your own stance and begin to write your research paper. The issue that you select for this position analysis assignment is the same issue you will write your 4-5 page research paper on and the same issue about which you will deliver a formal persuasive speech, so choose your topic very carefully. After your preliminary research, please complete the following for your issue: PART I 1. Define your issue in the form of a narrow, debatable question. (This is your research question. For example, “Would lowering the drinking age in the United States ameliorate/improve or
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Position_analysis_assignment - Dr. Zerwin, SLCC, Fairview...

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