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SLCC Unit Calendar, Personal Narrative Fall 10 Your Unique American Experience “You have to select, out of all the possible seconds in your life, some experience that formed you” –Randy Bomer Monday Tuesday Block Friday 9/20 *have autobiography or biography or memoir in hand today READ, mentor text work 9/21 *turn in journals *Writing lab to work on ITW compare/contrast papers. Due 11:59pm Thurs 9/22-23 *Life timeline *tell us a story! *Show v. tell—look for examples in your book *descriptive moment *ITW paper due by 11:59pm THURSDAY 9/24 *by-hand draft of descriptive moment due in writer’s notebook *Response groups: share descriptive moment and favorite moments from your book 9/27 READ, mentor text work *re: reading log and database of book recommendations 9/28 *WN self-evaluation *stones in the river 9/29-30 *Story boarding—story board a scene from your book AND your descriptive moment (as one panel of a longer story board) *info on college application essays 10/1 *look at successful
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