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ITWgroup_story_project - To begin go to Google Docs and...

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SLC Weber Into the Wild Group Presentation Using Google Docs and its Presentation program, each group will create a digital story using images, text and sound to tell your stories, parts of the American Experience. Purpose: Drawing on your life experiences to tell your own story, your presentation should: Address the unit’s essential questions of WHY? What might we learn from the story of one person’s experience? What might others learn from the stories from your life? Connect your stories to Into the Wild in a meaningful way. Consider the following possible thematic connections as examples, but feel free to relate your stories in whatever ways you see that fit. o Wilderness and the American imagination o The allure of high-risk activities o The highly charged bond between fathers and sons (or mothers and daughters?)
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Unformatted text preview: To begin: go to Google Docs and login Go to Create New and click on Presentation. The first person to start the presentation should title it Into the Wild project Group #__ Then click Share and add [email protected] and EACH of the other group members’ gmail accounts. This way your entire group will be able to access the Presentation and work on it. Guidelines: Groups of 3 Work effectively and collaboratively with your group Use stories from the life experiences of the people in your group Create something to share with us that will meet the above purpose Story uses images (still or video), sound (music or voice-over) and text (quotes from ITW or elsewhere and your own words). Your story should be told in an original, creative way. Due date:_______________...
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