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ITW Unit quickwrites (Autosaved)

ITW Unit quickwrites (Autosaved) - How will you use the...

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SLCC Weber Journals/Quickwrites: Into the Wild Unit 9/15-16: Self-evaluation: what have you learned? What are positives/negatives about your journals and their quality? What level of effort have you put into them? Suggestions for future quickwrites/journals? 9/8-9: What is important to you in ITW? What do you want to learn from the rest of the book?
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Unformatted text preview: How will you use the organization to get what you want out of it? • 9/1-2: Sensory detailed description of a significant event from your life • 8/27-30: Drawing inferences: Theories about Chris • 8/25: Questions about the text • 8/24: What are your schema? • 8/19: You.Books.School.Reading. (bucket discussion, already turned in)...
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