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IMPORTANT due dates and revision instructions 10_8_10

IMPORTANT due dates and revision instructions 10_8_10 -...

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Friday, October 8, 2010 Class Instructions and Reminders 1. Complete draft of personal narrative on Google Docs due. I will be checking these. Read the personal narrative rubic. a) You must Share the Google Doc with 2 other people in the class. Sit next to those 2 people. b) 10 mins: make comments on 1 st essay c) 10 mins: make comments on 2 nd essay d) 15 mins: use 5 mins each to discuss the 3 essays and possible revision ideas You will be graded on the completion of your draft and the quality of your peer editing. Make an effort and give helpful feedback/suggestions. 2. You must have your reading book in class on Monday. It can be your first or second book. READING LOG and BOOKS WE’VE READ Google Docs must BOTH be
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Unformatted text preview: completed by Block Day. Have your 2 nd book IN CLASS on Monday, 10/18. You should start reading it before then. 3. Compare Contrast Essay grades for Into the Wild will be entered for all students by tomorrow. If I did not get a rubric with self-evaluation from you, your grade will be entered as Missing. If you would like to revise your essay, set up a conference with me. BEFORE this conference, you must WRITE down a plan for how you will revise. If you do these things, I will change your grade if your revision improves your essay overall. Revisions of ITW Essay will be accepted by 11:59pm, Fri, Oct 15....
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