Words for Gatsby Vocab Quizzes 1 and 2

Words for Gatsby Vocab Quizzes 1 and 2 - Words for Gatsby...

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Words for Gatsby Vocab Quiz # 1 innuendo - a derogatory hint or insinuation permeate - to spread through a disturbance denizen – inhabitant Hauteur - haughtiness; arrogance ascertain - to find out Deft - Dextrous; skillful Extemporizing - speaking on the spur of the moment without preparation Fractiousness – quarrelsomeness Incredulously - with disbelief Incessant – constant Pastoral - relating to an idealized natural setting disconcerting - upsetting; confusing Saunter - to stroll Strident - harsh sounding; shrill Peremptorily - in a harshly decisive manner, allowing no response Contiguous - adjacent; next to each other
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Unformatted text preview: Words for Gatsby Vocab Quiz #2 septic - dirty; infectious portentous - ominous precipitately - hastily transitory - quickly passing, momentary fluctuate - to vary; to change defunct - completely broken; dead forlorn - forsaken; pitiable fortuitously - by chance or lucky coincidence garrulous - talkative indiscernible - imperceptible pervading - spread throughout commensurate - equal deranged -driven mad harrowed - distressed; vexed reproach - blame vestige - trace; remnant laudable - praiseworthy proximity - nearness...
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