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Fitzgerald Biography Dated Genevre; couldn’t be with her because of his social class Married Zelda Sayre—had to prove his ability to provide for her. Got advertising job. Wrote This Side of Paradise—made enough money to marry her Had an affair with younger journalist in Hollywood—said he would stay devoted/not divorce his wife. Zelda was in a mental institution at the time—died in fire at institution. Zelda had an affair previously with a French pilot Stressful relationship—alcoholics. Capture ups and downs of WWI in This Side of Paradise Dropped out of Princeton—learned to write successful plays there, but was failing classes. Wanted to be star, lead role.
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Unformatted text preview: Tried out for football—5’6”. Enlisted in WWI, Armistice declared before he could fight. Wanted to be a hero. Had a daughter—Francis. After fame, NYPost said he was a low life drunk. Failed at screenwriting in Hollywood. Revised many times—never got credit for finished work— he didn’t like edits made to his work. Lived in France, party, high life. Ex-patriates like Hemingway and Fitz enjoyed inexpensive lifestyle. Also published Beautiful and the Damned, Tender is the Night. Worked on Last Tycoon at end of life—died before it could be finished. Died due to heart attack. Drew on his own life experience for his writing....
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