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Gatsby Vocab 1 homework

Gatsby Vocab 1 homework - denizen – inhabitant hauteur...

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Finish Reading Chapter 1 for Friday. Vocab Sentences due Monday: Write a sentence (at least 8 words long) using each of the words below that shows you understand the meaning of the word. For extra credit, write a story that uses each of the words. Gatsby Vocab Quiz #1: Block Day. Following are the words which will be provided for you to use to fill in the blank for sentences on the quiz. You also will need to know their definitions—I will either give you the word or the definition, and you will supply the other. innuendo - a derogatory hint or insinuation permeate - to spread through a disturbance
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Unformatted text preview: denizen – inhabitant hauteur - haughtiness; arrogance ascertain - to find out deft - Dextrous; skillful extemporizing - speaking on the spur of the moment without preparation fractiousness – quarrelsomeness incredulously - with disbelief incessant – constant pastoral - relating to an idealized natural setting disconcerting - upsetting; confusing saunter - to stroll strident - harsh sounding; shrill peremptorily - in a harshly decisive manner, allowing no response contiguous - adjacent; next to each other...
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