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Class Plan _ Chap 2 Notes 1_19_20

Class Plan _ Chap 2 Notes 1_19_20 - Word choice is always...

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Review Fitzgerald Bio—with a partner, share 1 detail from his life Chapter 2 Characters— Tom: p28 “tanked up” “bordered on violence” He’s used to getting his way. Cold and in charge—when buying a dog “it’s a bitch” (32) Myrtle: great description p29 --she’s lower class, pretends to be upper and sophisticated --Tom accepts her because he can control her—he expects total adoration (doesn’t get that from Daisy) She’s a puppy dog to him—hits her when he grows tired of her. She gets the dog so she has something to control. Both of them don’t care about others, ultimately. P34 Changing “costumes”: Myrtle is always playing a role.
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Unformatted text preview: Word choice is always about her fakeness. She “raises her eyebrow in disdain” at others—she wants to show how she is better than others. Catherine has painted on eyebrows (p34)—more fakeness. Everyone is pretending to be someone they’re not, peoples’ morality is in decay like the valley of the ashes. The party itself is fake like the people there—unnatural setting, surreal description (Nick drunk at the end—2 nd time in his life). Party is “floating like an ectoplasm.” P38 everyone pretending to be better than they are—Ms. McKee and the “little kyke”; Catherine and her husband...
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