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SLCC Research paper checklist (or ways to make your paper as strong as possible!) Do you have the required number/types of sources? Check them off below! o Book-length source o Non-traditional source o 6 total credible sources Do you have a parenthetical citation on EVERY sentence that contains information from a source, whether the information is paraphrased, quoted, or summarized? Are all your sources listed correctly on the works cited page? o If you use Easy Bib, DOUBLE CHECK the format of sources. Easy bib is not always accurate. o Use the OWL at Purdue website to double check MLA issues. Is your paper in correct MLA form (including your works cited page)? Make it look EXACTLY like the samples you can find on the OWL at Purdue website. Did you review the research paper rubric (available on my website) to be sure you
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Unformatted text preview: are covering everything you will be assessed upon? Did you review the affidavit of academic honesty (available on my website) to be sure you don’t inadvertently plagiarize? Did you upload your research paper to o And be sure to print your originality report to staple to your affidavit of academic honesty to turn in (I’ll give you one of these in class on 12/3 to sign and staple to your originality report). *********************************************************************** * Checklist for Friday, December 3 rd : Final draft in MLA format w/ works cited page in Google Docs by 4pm on Friday 12/3. Your originality report from printed out and brought to class to staple to your affidavit of academic honesty that I’ll give you in class and ask you to sign....
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