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organize_by_color_coding[1] - an iceberg that could lead to...

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Research Sources: Gates, Eleanor. “State Policies Continue to Shift.” Jan. 2006. Center for Health Policy Studies. October 2003. 24 Dec. 2008. <www.chps.org>. Smith, Achilles. “A Nation Founded on Freedom.” Journal of American Health 14.7 (2007): 55-63. Vaughters, Stella. Smoke Out . New York: Doubleday, 2006. Sub-topics: Background information , opposing viewpoints on banning cigarettes , refutations of opposing viewpoints , additional reasons for banning cigarettes Notes: Professor Achilles Smith from Boston’s Northeastern University argues in his article entitled “A Nation Founded on Freedom” that banning cigarette smoking is just the tip of
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Unformatted text preview: an iceberg that could lead to the government taking away more and more of our personal freedoms (56-57). “State Policies Continue to Shift” written by Eleanor Gates for the Center for Health Policy Studies reports that 35 states now have some form of a smoking ban (23). In her book Smoke Out , Stella Vaughters argues that the government has a responsibility to look out for the health of its citizens even if that requires extreme measures; this is why activities such as smoking crack and drunk driving are illegal....
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