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Affidavit of Academic Honesty I hereby attest that this paper follows all of the statements listed below. 1) The overall ideas of this paper are mine. They came from my own reflection over my topic. My research was driven by my own ideas. 2) All material used verbatim from a research source has quotation marks around it and is followed by an accurate parenthetical citation. 3) All material paraphrased from a research source is followed by an accurate parenthetical citation. 4) Nowhere in this paper did I translate something from a research source into my own words without indicating clearly from which research source the information came (using a parenthetical citation). 5) Any idea that came from a research source is clearly indicated with a parenthetical citation, whether the idea is quoted verbatim or not.
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Unformatted text preview: 6) Every sentence in my paper that contains information from another source (verbatim or not) has a parenthetical citation on it. 7) All sources that influence my paper are listed accurately on my works cited page. 8) All sources on my works cited page are actually cited in my paper. 9) All sources on my works cited page are actually real sources. 10) Parenthetical citations indicate clearly which source from the works cited page an idea, quote, or paraphrase is from. 11) I understand that the consequences for plagiarism (i.e., not clearly meeting each of the statements 1-10 above) are a zero on the assignment for the first offense and a failing grade for the semester for the second offense. Signed: _____________________________________________________...
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