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sample persuasive speech outline (2) - Zerwin, SLCC,...

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Zerwin, SLCC, Fairview High School How to prepare a persuasive speech with a speech outline: How is a speech outline different from a paper outline? a speech outline is basically a script of what you plan to say in your speech o but you do not give your speech off of the outline o you condense the outline onto note cards (or let your visual aide prompt you) with just enough information to prompt you to remember what you wanted to say at the various parts of your speech use the speech outline to plan out what you will say in your speech o I will not collect the outline—you will be graded on what you deliver in class in your speech and what I see on your visual aide. a speech outline has very deliberate transitions to guide the reader through the different parts of the speech o say things like, “I have just explained why people are against raising the drinking age. Now I will detail why it’s actually a really good idea.” note: your speech outline will be considerably more detailed than what you will put on your Google presentation slides or Prezi and note cards (if you choose to use them); therefore, start by practicing from your outline then once you are getting more proficient start practicing with your “skeleton” note cards it may be organized differently than your paper was organized due to the different needs of a listening audience o for example, you might have a different introduction so that you really grab your audience’s attention right off of the bat—this is just one change, but there should be many changes you should prepare some sort of outline for your speech if you want to do well. Below you will see a sample outline for a persuasive speech. You can use it as a model to plan your own work. o If you are choosing the group option, plan out who will say what in the speech. Include the works you cite in your speech outline in a works cited list at the end of the outline (you’ll need to include this list in your visual aide). o You may not use the identical sources from your paper in your speech, so it’s important to build a unique works cited list here. o You won’t see parenthetical citations in this speech outline, but it’s a good idea to include them. You will need parenthetical citations in your visual aide so include them here as well. That way you have everything you need in the outline when you go to build your visual aide. Sample Complete Speech Outline Speech Topic: Mental Illness Category: establishing a fact Organizational Method: Statement of Reasons Specific Purpose Statement: To persuade my audience that the mentally ill in America are not getting the help they need. INTRODUCTION OF THE SPEECH— Attention Getter/Hook : Look around at your classmates. In this class it is extremely likely that several of your classmates will suffer from a mental illness, some more serious than others, at some point in their lives. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 26 percent of Americans ages 18 and
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sample persuasive speech outline (2) - Zerwin, SLCC,...

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