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persuasive speech rubric

persuasive speech rubric - SLCC Weber SLCC Rubric for the...

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SLCC, Weber SLCC: Rubric for the persuasive speech 4-5 = solidly meets expectations 3-4 = meets expectations, but something needs work 2-3 = misses something 1 = makes an attempt (100 points—10% of semester grade) Category Expectations teacher evaluation Ideas and Content *A specific, well-stated thesis is present. *The speaker is knowledgeable about his/her topic; s/he supports his/her argument and refutes opposing views. *The speaker effectively incorporates the various types of appeals (emotion, logic, character/ethics). *Sufficient background is provided for the audience. Organization *Overall organization of the speech is clear and effective. *An effective attention getter (hook) is present. *Transitions are clear, detailed, and obvious…. “I have just explained ___________ and now I will discuss ____________.” *The conclusion restates key points briefly and ends with a memorable and effective closing statement. Speaking/ Presentation Skills *Rate of delivery is neither too fast nor too slow. *The speaker talks about his/her topic with enthusiasm.
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