persuasive speech assignment 2010

persuasive speech assignment 2010 - SLCC Weber Final...

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Unformatted text preview: SLCC Weber Final Persuasive Speech Your final exam task is a persuasive speech in defense of your research paper thesis. You will essentially translate your persuasive essay into a lively and effective persuasive speech geared toward an academic audience. Make sure that you don’t just argue—persuade! Utilize the principles of effective speaking that we discuss in class. Speeches will begin on Friday, December 10 and continue into our final exam time. I will post the speaking schedule on my website soon. Monday, 12/6: Prep for Final Speech, Outlining and Details Tuesday 12/7: Writing lab Block 12/8-9: Writing lab (for half); Effective Speaking Principles (for half) Friday 12/10: Begin speeches You have the option of speaking on your own (for at least 3 minutes and NO MORE than 4 minutes) OR taking part in a panel (of two to four students) focused on 1 topic—speak to me right away if you are interested in this panel option. Either way, you will get an individual grade for the 3 to 4 minutes that YOU interested in this panel option....
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persuasive speech assignment 2010 - SLCC Weber Final...

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