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SLCC Film--Sound Chapter 5 Topic/Page # Synchronous sound-200 What is it? Who favors it? Nonsynchronous-201 What is it? Who favors it? Sound effects-206-9 What is their general function? Effects? Low-frequency sounds-206-7 What effect on viewer? High-pitched sounds-206-7 What effect on viewer? Fast/slow tempo-207 Effect? Loud/quite volume- 207 Effect? Off-screen sounds-207 Effect? Silence-210 Effect? Sound montage-214-5 What is it?
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Unformatted text preview: Subtext -225-7 What is it? Acting styles-232-3 How does sound affect them? Mickeymousing-212 What is it? Language complexity227-8 More complex in film or literature? Monologues in documentaries-230 What’s the cardinal rule? Monologue-230-1 What is it? Effect? Dialogue-230-1 What is it? Interior monologue-232 What effect does it have? KEY QUESTIONS FOR ANALZING SOUND ARE ON PAGE 235....
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