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SLCC Film—Editing Chapter 4 Cutting to continuity (132-3) history / function / effect Editing Styles (133 caption) 5 Basic Types Sequence Shot (134 caption) Function / effect Classical Cutting (135-8) Function / effect / pioneer? Editing (138-9) Function for director Reverse angle (140-1) When used? 180 Degree rule (140) Why used? Jump Cut (133) Function / Effect
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Unformatted text preview: Cross-Cutting (141-2) Function / Effect Cardinal Commandment of Classical Cutting (142 caption) What is it? Content Curve (143) What is it? Thematic montage (144) Function / Effect Deep-Focus Photography (162-4) Function / Effect in terms of editing KEY QUESTIONS TO ANALYZE FOR EDITING ARE ON PAGE 197....
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