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FilmAnalysisAssignmentRubric - SLCC Film Analysis Essay...

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SLCC: Film Analysis Essay Your Task: : Write an essay indicating WHAT argument you think your film is making about a significant theme and explain HOW your film goes about making its point though the elements of film we studied in class. That means you should be focusing on some particular element of the film (photography, mise en scene, editing, sound, and movement) and explaining how that element supports the theme the film. 4-5 = solidly meets expectations 3-4 = meets expectations, but something needs work 2-3 = misses something 1 = makes an attempt Category Expectations teacher eval. Ideas and Content *The essay clearly identifies what you think your film is arguing about a significant theme (make the theme/focus clear in the intro) *The essay articulates HOW your film works as a film (what ELEMENTS does it use). *The essay is focused around one specific WHAT/HOW thesis statement *The essay presents strong, compelling evidence (in the form of text quotes and specific moments from your film or quotes from the commentary of your
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