Film_Analysis_example2 - Buddy The Elf I was told that...

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Unformatted text preview: Buddy The Elf I was told that Santa was not real when I was eleven years old. I know, I was old! My parents were embarrassed that I had made it that long in my life with the instilled belief that Santa, and all those fictional, legendary, creatures really did exist. I cried and mourned the end of those beliefs. However, even though I may be eighteen now, I still cling to childlike fictions. I mean who is to say--one hundred percent--that Santa is not real in some way? Those that do continue to believe--or are just innocent and naive as others might say--are more optimistic and happier than those who have otherwise chosen to forget and overlook their childlike simplistic views. Buddy the elf is a perfect representation of those who cling to their innocence and naivety in order to see the more optimistic side of everything. By holding on to all his beliefs as if they were indeed factual, he is able to create an aura of happiness that just stuns others who have already fallen from his path. In the movie Elf, Buddy shows that innocence and naivety can optimize joy and happiness in perspectives and personalities. In a specific scene it is extremely clear the contrast between someone who has clung to their innocence joyfully and someone who has shied away from them. Buddys father does not want to leave him at the house by himself, and with no other option or resources, he takes Buddy to work with him. Buddy is ecstatic while his dad--not so much. They make it through New York to work with him....
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Film_Analysis_example2 - Buddy The Elf I was told that...

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