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Little Miss Sunshine and Human Kindness The movie Little Miss Sunshine directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Fari s is a magical and bright movie that is enjoyed by most people. It is a simple movie that is about a ridiculous family surviving in our world today. As you watch the movie, the theme that people are full of kindness and have the ability to come together and achieve anything becomes obvious. The characters and the lighting in the movie, Little Miss Sunshine, help convey the theme that occurs throughout the movie. The characters make the movie Little Miss Sunshine, and probably contribute the most the the theme of the movie. Their attitudes toward each other and eventually teaming up for one goal is the reason for the teamwork and coming together theme. The oddness of the characters and their individual stories gives the basic theme some comical value. The Fact that they are so interesting and opposite in so many ways highlights the theme of teamwork and kindness. There are six main characters in the movie. First of all there is the main Dad named Richard that is a self improvement speaker that revolves are the nine steps to reach success. Richard’s father Edwin is the old grandpa that is addicted to heroin. The son in the family, Dwayne, has taken a
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Film_Analysis_example1 - Little Miss Sunshine and Human...

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