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The main goal for this assignment is that you craft a meaningful conversation between a character from Death of a Salesman and another person outside of the text, fictional or non-fictional. Here’s how you will do this: 1. Work alone or with ONE other person 2. Choose a character from DOAS on which you will focus 3. Choose another person (real or fictional) that will have a conversation with your DOAS character a. Obama, Miley Cyrus, Oprah, Tiger Woods, Chris McCandless, Jay Gatsby? Your sibling, friend, or teacher? 4. Use the Big Ideas List used in class and the Purpose of Conversation list to structure your dialogue 5. choose ONE “big idea” 6. choose ONE “purpose of conversation” for your dialogue (i.e. debate, bull session) a. If you want to use your own - come talk to me! 6. Write at least 50 lines of dialogue between the two characters (this should be at least 350 words) a. AT LEAST 5 of the lines spoken by your DOAS character must be taken directly from the text (Be sure to include page numbers as in-text citations with these lines)
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