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English Translation ameture

English Translation ameture - English Translation Amertume...

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English Translation: Amertume After ten years of marriage and birth of three children, a lightning strike is it enough to destroy everything in one day? Nzuzi would prefer to persuade otherwise. The morning of July 5, 1960, Zany, returning from a trip inside the Congo, his wife said firmly Nzuzi he no longer wanted her: "I have decided to leave you. -Tell me why! Let me understand! Nzuzi said, trembling. - There is nothing to understand! he assured the situation is clear: I love another woman. His decision, irrevocable and without appeal, made her shiver Nzuzi. A sudden fever through his body. She fainted on a chair facing him, legs Blasted by emotion. - My God! Why? moaned she. The tears began to flow from her eyes. Throat dry, her lips tight paled with anguish, pain and confusion. They stared a long time without saying anything. Breaking the silence that existed between them, Zany said in a whisper: - What else can I do for you? - Nothing! I do not need anything, Nzuzi replied in a low voice. Anxious, she heard him talk about what he had done for their children and herself. She dared not tell
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