Part 1 - Translation of Le Noire de Part 1 It was the...

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Translation of Le Noire de… Part 1: It was the morning of 23 June of the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and fifty- eight. On the Croisette, and fate of the French Republic, or the future of Algeria, nor of the territories under the control of the colonialists, not concern those who, early invading the beach in Antibes. Two pulls before following one, took the "Chemin de l'Ermitage. "They stopped, two men arrived andswiftly sank into the gravel driveway of a house. To the left of the villa opened a garage door. Were read on a frosted panel: "The Green Paradise. "It was the magistrate of the town of Grasse, followed by the medical examiner, and two inspectors from the city of Antibes, flanked by police officers. The villa "Le Bonheur Green" had green as its name. The formal garden was maintained, with gravel walkways, two palm trees with falling leaves.The judge peered into the house, his eyes went tothe third window, the glass shattered, made to scale. Inside the villa, other inspectors, a photographer,three other people, journalists, it seemed thatrather vaguely interested in Negro statuettes,masks, skins of beasts, the eggs of ostriches, andhung this: the feeling that one entered the lair of ahunter grabbed all who came into the living room. Folded up into themselves, two women sobbed.They resembled significantly: the same narrow forehead, the same nose ridge domed rings thesame blackish drown their eyes reddened bytears. One was clearly speaking in a dress: After my nap, I wanted to take a bath. The doorwas locked from the inside (she blew her nose).And I said, the maid who takes a bath. I say "good," shecorrected, but we never called him by his name -Diouana. For over an hour, I waited, but do not liveout. I returned. Called him. Knocked at the door.No answer. So I called our neighbor, Major X. . . She paused, wiped his nose. She cried. Her sister,younger than herself, her hair cut at the "boys, "bent his head. - It was you who discovered the body? - Yes . .. that is to say, when Ms. P. . . called me and told me that the black woman had locked herself inthe bathroom, I thought it was a joke. You see, I am thirty-five years at sea Iknocked on all the oceans . .. And I am retiredNavy. - Yes . .. yes, we know that. - Good. Therefore, when Mrs. P. . . called me, Ibrought my ladder. "It is you who brings the ladder? -No. Mile is D. . . sister who suggested that Ms. idea. And when I reached the window, I saw theblack woman bathing in blood. Where is the key to the door? - Here it Mr judge, said the inspector. - It was just to see. - I saw the window, "said the other inspector.
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Translation of Le Noire de… - It is I who opened the IAEA, after breaking theglass, "said the retired Marine. - What sign have you broken?
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Part 1 - Translation of Le Noire de Part 1 It was the...

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