English - "The Mountain of Fire will avenge us"Screams had...

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"The Mountain of Fire will avenge us!”Screams had the chief, before killing himself, rushing the haul of the cliff since then baptized" Tomb ofCara'bes "rather than accept bondage under the yoke of the conquerors from Feudal seas. "Live free or die? "This man had made his choice. "I withdraw my feet in this town of debauchery, "said the Bishop spits furious, leaving St. Peter, shaking the dust from his sandals. We must admit that in the "Pearl of the Antilles" is leading the highlife - a life not very large Catholic, at least those who could afford it, those who could afford nights orgy in Saint-Pierre. "Manxman Pele will not let them! Cons of slavery, cried the slave revolt "There's no way in this house! I'll leave. I left. Good evening, the company! "Suddenly exploded early adds A Street in Monte-Ciel, in rooms, it's getting hot! Especially in that tiny, Leon. In her room, she put alighted candle was burning, for good Christiandevotion. The wax melt, has forme d a virgin. that'sa sign. Leona has picked up his small business in his Carib basket. Everything became so hard and so strange: thebirds sang no more, we could hear a frog do itssmall concert night, the milk of cows dried up, people were making nightmares, snakes were descended from themountain to the house, the mistress had becomemore and more impossible, more and moretyrannical, and Leona was astonished at not havingseen its rules for some time. "We saw you on the port you fight like afishmonger, manzel Leona! It was well worth it tosend you a Statement! . .. If it was for you to keepyour bad manners of negro! You can not do without, is not it? It's stronger than you? You have it in my blood. When I think I am deprived of yourservices for amounts of hours for you to attend thelnstructions! But is that it costs me money, what doyou think? Hours of work lost. For whom? Why? Iask you a bit. So that you finish it by battling in thestreets? Because I'm not obliged. Mr. Fabbi pretend that it'smy Christian duty! . .. If he saw you in combat onport . .. "She is awake, this small, this would be a shame not to learn to read . .. "Ah, she learnedeven faster than my son! . .. Have you seen whatstate you put me your clothes? And who is it whowill pay it? Mr. cure may be? And who will do yourwork while you waste your time going to sew allthose clothes torn? And do not do this to me at night to m'user still a lot of candles and ruin youreyes. Come on, tell! that this story is still fightingwith Lusinia? Come on, do not lie, we saw you onthe pier. And your clothes speak for you. " Lower your eyes, cheeky! You'll talk, or not? " "Sacred p'tite liar, Leona! " Leona has not said a word. If she opens her mouth,she already knows that it will be worse: the meresound of his voice will cause a disaster. She feels it. She recognizes all the signs. "It seemed that themere sound of my voice has the gift of the blow. Iwill not give him that pleasure, "she told herselfinwardly with glee. But her face is marble, black marble as It
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English - "The Mountain of Fire will avenge us"Screams had...

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