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TGG Comparison - which is entitled “Writing Essays of Comparison-Contrast and Extended Comparison-Contrast” beginning on page 207 Follow these

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AP Lit and Comp Comparison/Contrast Paper on TGG Brennan Assignment: You will be writing a 3-5 page paper of comparison/contrast between two works of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Please pick a theme, motif, idea or two characters to compare/contrast between either “Winter Dreams” or “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” and The Great Gatsby. The paper should be typed in MLA Format, and you should include your outline stapled at the end of your paper. Due Date: Block day next week, October 14. Preparation: You will need to have read both short stories and the novel. To prepare for writing, you should Chapter 14 of the eleventh edition of Writing About Literature
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Unformatted text preview: which is entitled: “Writing Essays of Comparison-Contrast and Extended Comparison-Contrast”, beginning on page 207. Follow these guidelines for writing your paper: 1. Clarify your Intention 2. Find common grounds for comparison 3. Integrate the Bases of Comparison 4. Avoid the Tennis-Ball Method Please include a works cited page and parenthetical notation. If you have identified one work in your sentence, all you need in the citation is the page number. If you have not identified which work you are referring to, then include the author, work and page number for my reference. (Fitzgerald, TGG, 35)....
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