AP Lit Calendar 92010-100810

AP Lit Calendar 92010-100810 - T 9/28 Work with motif...

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AP Lit and Comp Calendar: September 20- October 8 Date In Class Homework M 9/20 Fitzgerald Biography Film Read and annotate TGG College Essay due 9/23 T9/21 Review literary terms and elements Annotate TGG Characterization, Setting, Imagery, Work on College Essay Tone, Motifs in TGG Pass out Maps/ Background on TGG Block College Essay due! Watch “Born Rich” film Annotate TGG Discuss meaning of wealth Read “Writing About a Close Old Rich/New Rich Reading” in WAL Compare 2010 to 1929 F 9/24 Continue discussion of background Annotate TGG ____________________________________________ ______________________ M 9/27 Review the essay in WAL “Writing About Annotate TGG A Close Reading” Assign Motif Discussion groups for block Prepare Visual for Motif
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Unformatted text preview: T 9/28 Work with motif groups on presentation Prepare visual for motif Work on College essay Block Presentations from each discussion group Annotate TGG Passage Analysis Handout Study for TW, close reading F 10/1 Timed Writing on a passage from TGG M 10/4Read article A Gatsby for Today Read compare/contrast WAL T 10/5 Read article Gatsbys Green Light Work on compare/contrast Beckons Generation paper, due 10/12 Discuss C/C paper due Oct. 12 Prepare for Socratic Seminar Block Socratic Seminar on TGG Compare/Contrast paper Due 10/12 F 10/8 Journal Writing on TGG C/C paper due 10/12 Prepared paper due Monday M 10/12 Compare/Contrast Paper due! Start work on Pride and Prejudice!...
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AP Lit Calendar 92010-100810 - T 9/28 Work with motif...

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