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AP Lit Calendar 101810-111510

AP Lit Calendar 101810-111510 - AP Literature and...

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AP Literature and Composition Pride and Prejudice October/November 2010 Monday, Oct. 18: Introduction to Pride and Prejudice , Authorial context Homework : Begin Review, focused annotation Volume 1 Annotation guide on website Tuesday, Oct. 19: Introduction to Pride and Prejudice, Literary context Homework : Review/focused annotation on Volume 1 Read Spring article, “Class and Money” p. 392 appendix Thursday, Oct. 21: Discuss Spring, “Class and Money” p. 392 appendix Choose focus for PandP Seminars, presenting on 11/08/10 Homework : Review/Focused annotation Volume 1 Friday, Oct. 22: Reading Check Volume 1 Homework : Begin review/focused annotation of Volume II Read “Writing about Setting” in WAL, write an outline Monday, Oct. 25 Small groups focused discussion on Volume II Check outline for “Setting” chapter in journal Homework : Review and annotate Volume II Tuesday, Oct. 26 Pemberley Previsited, read in class and discuss setting in PandP Homework : Review and annotate Volume II Thursday, Oct. 28 Socratic Seminar on
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