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The Crucible — Visual Representation of Setting When reading a play, it is often helpful to have a picture in your head of the setting and the community in which the characters are interacting. This assignment will help you get a clearer picture of the community described in The Crucible . Consider these two passages from the introduction section of The Crucible . “They had no novelists—and would not have permitted anyone to read a novel if one were handy. Their creed forbad anything resembling a theater or “vain enjoyment.” They did not celebrate Christmas, and a holiday from work meant only that they must concentrate even more upon prayer. (Pg. 4) The witch-hunt was not, however, a mere repression. It was also, and as importantly, a long overdue opportunity fro everyone so inclined to express publically hi guilt and sins, under the cover of accusations against the victims…Long-held hatreds of neighbors could now be openly
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Unformatted text preview: expressed, and vengeance taken, despite the Bibles charitable injunctions. Land-lust which had been expressed before by constant bickering over boundaries and deeds, could now be elevated to the arena of morality; once could cry witch against anothers neighbor and feel perfectly justified in the bargain. Old scores could be settled on a plane of heavenly combat between Lucifer and the Lord; suspicions and the envy of the miserable toward the happy could and did burst out in revenge. (Pg. 8) In a drawing, collage, painting, sequence of photos, comic, etc. visually represent what this community looks like in your head. How do you picture the town? The people? How are the people acting/what are they doing? How do they interact with one another?...
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