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Artistic Interp Rubric for semester one final-1

Artistic Interp Rubric for semester one final-1 - in...

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LA11: Final Exam- Grading Rubric for Artistic Interpretation: CATEGORY CRITERIA GRADING/COMMENTS THE PASSAGE - Passage is adequately complex and offers some deeper meaning by epitomizing something that you find important about the text. /10 THE ARTISTIC PIECE - Artistic interpretation represents how the student interprets the passage in a compelling, thoughtful, and insightful way goes beyond a literal representation of the text /25 THE EXPLANATION - adequately detailed - clearly written - effectively organized - clear of mechanical errors
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Unformatted text preview: - in correct MLA format- communicates well • what the student created • what the various components represent • how it connects to specific aspects of the passage. - shows an understanding of the passage through the analysis of its language (literary devices). /25 THE PRESENTATION- Is well-prepared and practiced - Uses approx. three minutes- shows effective use of basic speaking skills • organization • poise • energy/enthusiasm • preparedness • eye contact • volume • appropriate diction /15 TOTAL: /75...
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