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The Crucible Journal Act III

The Crucible Journal Act III - Describe their developments...

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The Crucible Act III Journal Setting What details does Miller include at the beginning of this act? Why does he get so specific for each of his scenes? What does this achieve? Characters For the following characters, find the description that Miller writes about them. Summarize this information in your own words. Then, choose a quote of each of theirs that truly showcases their personalities. Danforth Hathorne For the following characters, explain what new information we learn about them because of their actions in the play.
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Unformatted text preview: Describe their developments in your own words, (in 2-3 sentences) and then find a quote that illustrates their personalities. John Proctor (consider both his confession to the judges, and his statements at the end) Elizabeth Mary Warren Giles Corey Abigail Williams Theme For this section, focus mainly on the differences between John Proctor and Mary Warren. How does each of them end up at the end of Act III? Why were their fates so different? How is the rest of the town thinking of each of them at this point?...
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