The Crucible Act II Journal

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The Crucible Act II Journal Characters: For each character, continue to consider the same key areas. 1. How is the character described? 2. What are the characters actions? 3. What motivates the character? Record your observations in your own words about each category, and include a brief quotation to support your overall observation (one quotation per character) These are the characters to follow for Act II. 1. Mary Warren 2. John Proctor (new info about his relationship with his wife) 3. Elizabeth Proctor 4. Francis Nurse 5. Cheever 6. Rev. Hale (new insight into his character) Setting:
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Unformatted text preview: How is the Proctors’ house described? Use 2-3 bullet points and a quote to show this description. Extra Scene (pages 148-152) • Summarize this scene in 3-4 sentences. What information does it have in it? What do you think of the extra scene? Is the play better with it or without it? Why would Arthur Miller take it out? Theme At this point in the play, consider how Elizabeth got arrested at the end of the play. What happened in order for the rest of the people to consider her guilty? Write 2-3 sentences to summarize these ideas?...
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