Pre-Reading McCarthyism questions

Pre-Reading McCarthyism questions - The...

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The Crucible—Pre-Reading “How McCarthyism Worked” Read the McCarthyism article—as you read, stop at the marked passages and answer the questions. These are good points to stop and check your understanding. There are a couple of points where you are asked to ask a question of your own. These questions should be open ended questions that could lead to discussion. **There are two points in which you see ** in the article. At those points, ask your own open- ended questions.*** 1. Restate the definition of McCarthyism in your own words. 2. What political office did McCarthy hold? What was the political climate in the U.S. like when McCarthy took office? How was this significant to his gain of power? 3. What was the formal charge that McCarthy brought against people? Why is that significant? 4. What is McCarthy’s background? What kind of life did he lead? 5. How did McCarthy become so well known? What happened? What other events were occurring in the United States at the same time? 6.
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Pre-Reading McCarthyism questions - The...

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